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Malaysia?s ?Little India? to be renamed amid fierce opposition
( Mar 18 2009 )

Klang (Malaysia), Mar. 18 (ANI): Despite constant opposition from elected representatives, businessmen and tourists, the Klang Municipal Council has decided to change the name of Klang’s famous Little India to Medan Kelana.

The municipal council plans to remove the name Little India from two signboards here, and put up new ones declaring the place as Medan Kelana, the Star Online reports.

Little India is a famous shopping enclave with 100 pre-war shops on either side of Jalan Tengku Kelana. It draws shoppers by the thousands, and has been an important income generator for locals for over five decades.

Klang municipal councillor Ho San Sang confirmed the name change, saying it was part of a “rebranding exercise.”

However, the district tourism committee member Dr Xavier opined the name change would defeat all the hard work that had gone into building Little India into a tourist icon, and that the move would also erase the identity of the area.

Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim said he would bring this matter to the state exco because it was wrong to simply change the name of a place, which could result in affecting the tourism industry.

American tourist Michelle Smith said it would be a shame to change the name of a place so easily recalled by tourists.

A local resident Wong Wei Yin said expressed unhappiness over the name change because folks here had fond memories of the area linked to the Indian community. (ANI)

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