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Indians happiest with sex lives, shows 13-nation survey
( Feb 25 2009 )

Kuala Lumpur, Feb 25 (ANI): Indians sure are having a “rocking” time in the bedroom. A new survey has found that 70 percent of people living in the sub-continent are sexually satisfied.


According to the Asia-Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Wellness survey, by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, India topped the list with respondents saying they were satisfied with their sex lives while Japan reported the lowest sexual satisfaction rate at 10 percent.


Malaysia ranked sixth among 13 countries with two out of three Malaysian men and three out of four women saying they are not happy with their sex lives.


“The Malaysian figure is higher than the overall Asia Pacific results where 57 percent of men and 64 percent of women reported being not very satisfied with sex,” The Star Online quoted Dr Rosie King, who led the study in the Asia Pacific region from May to July 2008, as saying.


“The survey links the level of erection hardness to sexual satisfaction for men,” said Dr King during a roundtable discussion at a hotel here yesterday.


Developed by the European Association of Urology, the level of erection hardness is measured in a scale of one to four using the Erection Hardness Score (EHS).


“Level one is like tofu where the male organ is large but not hard, level two is similar to a peeled banana where it’s not hard enough for penetration, level three is like an unpeeled banana where it’s hard enough for penetration but not completely, and level four is similar to a cucumber where it’s completely hard and fully rigid,” explained King.


The men were required to evaluate themselves using the EHS during the survey.


“We found that greater sexual satisfaction is strongly associated with greater satisfaction with life overall. Generally, men and women who are highly satisfied with their sex life have a more positive outlook on their relationships and life,” King added. (ANI)

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