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Pakistan calls for abolition of UNSC veto powers
( Mar 19 2009 )

United Nations, Mar.19 (ANI): Pakistan has called for abolishing the ‘veto’ power of five major nations in the UN Security Council.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, termed the privilege enjoyed by the United States, Britain, France,China, and Russia as ‘non democratic’ and described it as being  against the principles of other member  countries.

“Experience tells us that veto impacts negatively on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Council,” The Nation quoted Haroon, as saying.

Haroon told a closed-door session of the General Assembly that the UN Security Council which is considered as the most powerful body must be made more representative and effective.

Haroon, however, also highlighted the difficulty in abolishing the veto powers of the big players.

“The membership is faced with the unfortunate reality that any proposal to abolish or severely restrict the veto is itself likely to be vetoed,” he said.

Haroon said that there is no place for individual privileges in the democratic set-up such as the UN.

“We believe no individual country should claim or can be given such a privilege,” he added. (ANI)

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