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Oz trade unions want Rudd Govt. to stop banking jobs going to India
( 14-Mar-2009 )

Melbourne, Mar 14 (ANI): Australian trade unions want Prime Minster Kevin Rudd to stop banking jobs going offshore, after his government rejected calls to have the deposit guarantee withdrawn from banks that move jobs out of Australia.   The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has sough ....
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Princes William, Harry?s heartfelt message for Oz bushfire, flood victims
( 14-Mar-2009 )

Melbourne, March 14 (ANI ....
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Australian Nudists Foundation issues ?no overt sex? guidelines for unofficial nude beaches
( 14-Mar-2009 )

Melbourne, Mar 14 (ANI): The Australian Nudists Foundation has issued “no overt sex” guidelines for unofficial nude beaches, in response to a rising backlash over public sex and swingers parties.   The foundation published guidelines of appropriate behaviour for naturists in a web ....
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Adult shop thief pleads guilty to stealing blow-up dolls for sex
( 13-Mar-2009 )

Melbourne, Mar 13 (ANI): A man who was accused of breaking into an adult shop has pleaded guilty to stealing blow-up dolls for sex.   Adam Troy Rosberg, 24, made headlines around the world for smashing his way into the Laneway Adult Shop off Spence St twice last December, having sex with blow ....
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Your musical taste may make you smart or dumb
( 12-Mar-2009 )

Melbourne, March 12 (ANI): An American study has shown that the smartest students listened to Beethoven, Counting Crows and Sufjan Stevens. California Tech PhD student Virgil Griffith says that Radiohead and Ben Folds Five’s music also appealed to smart students. However, students who prefer ....
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