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ESA spacecraft sees ''eerie glow'' in night-time atmosphere of Venus
( 25-Feb-2009 )

Paris, Feb 25 (ANI): ESA''s (European Space Agency''s) Venus Express spacecraft has observed an eerie glow in the night-time atmosphere of Venus, which is infrared light coming from nitric oxide. This is showing scientists that the atmosphere of Earth''s nearest neighbor is ....
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Don''t let Patel operate, doctor warned colleagues
( 20-Feb-2009 )

Brisbane, Feb.20 (ANI): A senior doctor at Queensland’s Bundaberg Base Hospital warned staff before he went on holidays that they shouldn''t let controversial Indian-born surgeon Dr. Jayant Patel perform operations. Dr. Peter Miach told a Brisbane magistrate’s court on Friday th ....
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Expert tells Brisbane court that Patel surgery ''inappropriate'', led to deaths
( 19-Feb-2009 )

Brisbane, Feb.19 (ANI): Colo-rectal expert Brian Collopy told a Brisbane Magistrates Court today that controversial Indian-born surgeon Dr. Jayant Patel fell short of competent medical practice when he wrongly diagnosed and performed an unnecessary operation on a man who later died.   Bundabe ....
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