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Indo-Canadian Workers Association Holds Protest Against Intolerance in India
( Nov 27 2015 )
By Shamshad Elahee 'Shams'
Indo Canadian Workers Association Brampton along with four other organisations staged a protest at BLS India International Centre Brampton on Nov 21,2015. Workers and leaders of North American Rationalist Society, Canadian Punjabi Sahitya Sabha, Kalma Da Kafila and Punabi Sabhiachar Manch braved the adverse weather to express their deep anguish over growing intolerance in India in every sphere of life.
Political dissent is being mocked by senior officials sitting at the helm of Government paving way to their rank and file to deal with dissent with iron hand.
They expressed their solidarity with Writers, Scientist,Historians, Film Makers and artists who has recently returned their prizes in protest against fascist trends under RSS-Modi Combine Regime.
They also expressed their deep concern on the continuous attack on religious minorities, Dalits and rational activists like Narendra Dobhalkar, Govind Pansare and Prof MM Kulbargi. They observed that Modi regime is invoking all divisive policies to distract people from real issues like FDI, rising prises and growing unemployment. Ghar Vapsi, Love Jihad and Cow are the emotional issues to exploit religious sentiments of the people so that they wont concentrate on the real issues which are affecting common lives.
They also expressed their solidarity with Peasant Struggle going on in Punjab and pointed out the state of farmers is being deteriorated day by day as every thirty minutes a farmer is committing suicide in India and Prime minister Modi has nothing to offer any solution for them.
All five organizations tried to hand over a memorandum written for President of India through consul but could not be materialized due to apathy of Indian consul Toronto, therefore they sent this memorandum by post. They have decided to make a joint effort to generate mass awareness in the south Asian community by holding more protest and seminar in the future. Nacchetar Badesha, Baldev Rehpa, Dr Balvinder Barnala, Malook Kahlo,Baldev Singh Sahdev, Harbans Singh, Amrit Dhillon, Surjit Sahota,Harparminder Gadri,Harinder Hundal, Prof Jagir Kahlo were amongst the prominent leaders from protesting organizations. Event was conducted by Shamshad Elahee Shams from ICWA.
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