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Premier Kathleen Wynne Announces Dates for India Mission
( Nov 27 2015 )
SAO News
Finally the dates have been announced for Premier Kathleen Wynne's much talked about India Mission. 
From January 27th to February 6th the Premier will lead a delegation to New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. 
Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Tuesday that she will lead her first mission to India from January 27 to February 6, 2016.
"To stand out in today's highly competitive global economy, Ontario must promote its strengths on the world stage. Our businesses have a great deal to offer, as India focuses on urban renewal and sustainable development, and this mission will help us find more opportunities to collaborate," said the Premier while spelling out her India Mission plan.
India is the world's fourth-largest economy and a priority market for Ontario. The mission is expected to yield new agreements that will increase exports and draw on Ontario's expertise in sustainable development and urban infrastructure. It will also help lay the foundations for future business deals and strengthen cultural ties between India and Ontario.
To accommodate a fast-growing population, India plans to invest over US$1 trillion in infrastructure over the next 20 years, according to its Five-Year Plan. This investment is part of India's Smart Cities Initiative, a development plan with an emphasis on sustainable economic growth. Ontario's leading-edge cleantech companies, record infrastructure investments and strong culture of innovation make the province a natural partner for India as it works to achieve this goal.
The delegation will make stops in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Mumbai to meet with key business leaders, investors and government officials. These meetings will be an opportunity for Ontario businesses to promote the province's expertise, forge new partnerships and create a strong foothold in this important market. This trip will build on momentum from the Premier's recent mission to China, which resulted in $2.5 billion worth of agreements and helped expand existing trade markets and open up new opportunities for business.
 Attracting new investment and helping the province's businesses compete globally is part of the government's plan to build Ontario up. The four-part plan includes investing in people's talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario's history, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure retirement savings plan.
The first part of the mission will focus on a cultural and government component. The Premier will be joined by the Ontario business delegation from January 31 to February 5.
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