South Asian Observer - Sports : Becks besieged by eager Italian women at charity event!
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Becks besieged by eager Italian women at charity event!
( Mar 18 2009 )

London, March 18 (ANI): Soccer ace David Beckham was besieged by eager Italian women at a recent charity event.


The midfield player commanded the recent Cancer Research Gala in Milan, during which he was submerged by the ladies looking to get hold of the heartthrob.


No sooner had he sat down that the 33-year-old had two busty blondes headed his way looking to flirt, reports the Sun.


Another pair of blondes tried to offer a glimpse of themselves to the superstar in their deep neck tops.


The AC Milan star further inspired fan Gabriella Dompe to shell thousands on a Beckham shirt at the fundraising auction.


Beckham then went on to display some of his footwork that must have added to his fan list.


And to top of the evening was a pat on the shoulder from supermodel Malike, wife of football chief Adriano Galliani. (ANI)

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