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Becks besieged by eager Italian women at charity event!
( 18-Mar-2009 )

London, March 18 (ANI): Soccer ace David Beckham was besieged by eager Italian women at a recent charity event.   The midfield player commanded the recent Cancer Research Gala in Milan, during which he was submerged by the ladies looking to get hold of the heartthrob.   No sooner had h ....
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Chelsea hoping to bid for Brazilian soccer star Robinho
( 17-Mar-2009 )

London, Mar.17 (ANI): Roman Abramovich-owned Chelsea Football Club is hoping to recruit Brazilian star Robinho provided he is in form. According to The Sun, the club will study Robinho’s form over the next month — to decide whether to bid for him. The Blues missed out on Robinho, 25, w ....
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Love rat David Seaman splits with wife no.2 after dumping first for her
( 15-Mar-2009 )

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Beckham will be booed on MLS return
( 11-Mar-2009 )

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Rooney, Ronaldo ?irked with new daily urine tests?
( 08-Mar-2009 )

London, March 8 (ANI): Soccer aces Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo are reportedly angry after being ordered to give a urine sample every day.   The Manchester United stars have allegedly been asked to submit bottles filled with their urine at their Carrington training ground in a bid to di ....
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