South Asian Observer - Sports : Johnson?s eyes glint at mention of Proteas openers
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Johnson?s eyes glint at mention of Proteas openers
( Mar 18 2009 )

Cape Town (South Africa), Mar.18 (ANI): Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson appears to be a man of few words, but mention South Africa’s new opening pair of Ashwell Prince and Imraan Khan, and there is a glint in his eyes.

"I haven''t played against him [Prince] and I haven''t seen a hell of a lot of him, but I know he''s got a good record and he''s been performing very well recently. You''ve got to be wary of that type of player but maybe in the back of my mind there''s a little bit of hope, that he doesn''t want to be out there. Maybe we can exploit it a little bit,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Johnson, as saying.

“We''ll have a bowlers'' meeting and talk about those two players. It''s going to be exciting for Khan in his first Test, but hopefully we can make it hard for him," he added.

But his eyes tell a different story. They say: “Let me at them.”

Johnson''s speed has never been doubted. Nor has his natural ability. A lethal tennis player when younger, his bat-and-ball talent is obvious. Bowling-wise, he''s added an inswinger to his repertoire.

Johnson will take the new ball after being beaten up during the week by his girlfriend. Jessica Bratich, a former Australian karate champion and wannabe world No.1, has been laying into her beau all week with hands and feet. (ANI)


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