South Asian Observer - Sports : Liverpool?s Benitez to continue provoking ManU?s Ferguson
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Liverpool?s Benitez to continue provoking ManU?s Ferguson
( Mar 16 2009 )

London, Mar 16 (ANI): Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has pledged to carry on provoking Sir Alex Ferguson, claiming that his club is best in Europe after his side mauled Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford.


“Liverpool has been the best team in Europe over the past five years. It is a fact. And now, we have more belief and more confidence. We have to win every game from now on and see what happens with them,” Benitez said.


Benitez is determined to keep getting under Ferguson’s skin and carry on ranting against the Red Devils’ chief, The Sun reported.


He insisted he had no regrets about his mid-season outburst, which a baffled Ferguson labelled ‘disturbed’.


“I respect Alex Ferguson. He is a great manager. But I have to defend my club. Sometimes my English is not good enough but I do not understand the Scottish accent,” Benitez declared.


Ferguson claimed on Friday that he needed to study philosopher Sigmund Freud to understand Benitez.


Benitez countered: “Yes, I read about Freud when I was in school and university. I try to improve my English, so maybe he will understand me if I say something. But I try to protect my club.”


He still believes that Liverpool have the confidence to win their remaining league games and take the title from United.


The Spaniard said: “We are playing well, so we have to enjoy this situation and get three points until the end of the season.” (ANI)

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