South Asian Observer - Sports : If Europe has its way, UK?s Premier League could be history soon
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If Europe has its way, UK?s Premier League could be history soon
( Mar 18 2009 )

London, Mar.18 (ANI): Football’s most powerful clubs are hatching plans for a European Super League which could destroy the Premier League.

According to The Sun, the Euro revolution would see the creation of three divisions — each with 20 teams.

The Big Four — Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal — would be in the top division, forced to play 38 European games alone. That would rule out any chance of them competing in the Premier League as well and would therefore spell the end of English football as we know it.

Premier chief executive Richard Scudamore has been alerted and has said that he would fiercely resist any moves to either abolish the Premier or reduce its size to accommodate extra European fixtures.

That resistance could force English competitors in a European League to withdraw from the Premier League altogether.

Unofficial talks have already taken place between members of the influential European Club Association (ECA) to discuss the idea of a three-division competition involving up to 60 teams.

The secret plotters plan to get their lucrative idea off the ground by as early as 2012.

The idea, believed to be the brainchild of AC Milan, is to scrap the Champions League and UEFA Cup in favour of the new competition.  (ANI)

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