South Asian Observer - Sports : New England football team kit may go retro
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New England football team kit may go retro
( Mar 17 2009 )

London, Mar.17 (ANI): A top Savile Row tailor has been called in to spruce up the England football team’s kit.

Charlie Allen’s designer strip is due to be unveiled at Wembley against Slovakia next week.

The tailor was spotted in the National Football Museum, Preston,  Lancashire, leading many to believe the kit will be in a retro style.

There are also whispers that the famous Three Lions emblem has been redesigned, based on a simpler version from 1948.

Snappy dresser and coach Capello, 62, hopes the fancy togs will inspire his players to winning ways in the World Cup qualifying game.

The new Umbro kit has been shrouded in secrecy, with FA top brass kept in the dark. (ANI)


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