South Asian Observer - Sports : Ferguson charges FA of devaluing tournament
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Ferguson charges FA of devaluing tournament
( Mar 16 2009 )

London, Mar.16 (ANI): Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson has charged the FA of of devaluing the FA Cup.

Ferguson criticised the FA governing body for scheduling the semi-finals of the tournament at Wembley where Manchester United would face Everton on April 19.

David Moyes has also expressed displeasure over the choice of the venue.

“I agree with David that playing the semi-finals at Wembley devalues the FA Cup,” The Sun quoted Ferguson, as saying.

He said that holding the game at Wembley would increase the price of the tickets, which could prevent fans from enjoying the game.

“The least the FA can do is reduce the Wembley prices to a level in keeping with club tickets,” Ferguson added. (ANI)


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