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Ronaldo donates ?100k to hospital that saved mum from cancer
( 08-Mar-2009 )

London, March 8 (ANI): Cristiano Ronaldo has donated 100,000 pounds to a native Portuguese hospital that saved his mother’s life against cancer.   The ace footballer gave the staggering amount to help build a cancer centre in Funchal’s Hospital Central, where his mum Dolores under ....
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Sir Alex Ferguson reveals he is a massive Beatles fan
( 03-Mar-2009 )

London, Mar 3 (ANI): Soccer boss Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he is a massive Beatles fan and owns a treasured copy of John Lennon’s wedding certificate.   The Manchester United manager, 67, was in his 20s when the band took the pop world by storm.   “They made an im ....
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Posh spending ''sleepless nights'' over Becks? Milan move
( 02-Mar-2009 )

Washington, Mar 2 (ANI): Victoria Beckham is so “tormented” with her husband David''s proposed move to AC Milan that she has been spending “sleepless nights” over the thought of staying away from him.   In 2007, the former England captain moved to California w ....
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UK chef Ramsay never played top-grade soccer
( 01-Mar-2009 )

London, Mar.1 (ANI): Chef Gordon Ramsay has always relished boasting about his glory days as a budding soccer star with Glasgow Rangers, but a News of the World report reveals that he never “signed” up for the team and never played first team games for them, despite saying so on radio, i ....
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L A Galaxy fans express anger at Becks
( 20-Feb-2009 )

Los Angeles (US), Feb.20 (ANI): England midfielder David Beckham’s attempt to engineer a permanent move to the Italian football club A C Milan, has left his fans in Los Angeles fuming with anger.   The Major League Soccer side took on Japan’s Oita Trinita in a friendly last night, ....
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