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Migrant postmaster denies stamps to non-English speaking customers
( Mar 19 2009 )

London, Mar.19 (ANI): Customers who cannot speak English will not get stamps. At least that’s what an immigrant postmaster would have you believe.

“If you come to Britain you have got to speak English. It’s as simple as that. If things don’t change we’ll start seeing second and third generations of immigrants who can’t speak English. That will cause deep divisions. We will see ghettos and all the problems that come with them,” The Sun quoted Sri Lankan-born Deva Kumarasiri, as saying.
Deva has refused to serve half a dozen customers since imposing his rule on Monday at his Sneinton Boulevard Post Office in Nottingham.

He said those unable to even ask for stamps wasted everyone’s time and infuriated other customers.

But he agreed to serve those who returned to the store with interpreters — and said each one had done so.
The 40-year-old father of two — who quickly learned English after arriving here 18 years ago — said: “When I left Sri Lanka I left behind that country’s culture, customs and language.

“I came to Britain and have done my utmost ever since to be part of this country’s culture.

 “You can’t be wholly part of British culture if you don’t speak the language. There are far too many people who come to this country and expect Britain to change to suit them. It’s high time that mind-set went,” he said.

“I simply explained I cannot give a service if they cannot tell me what they want and they seemed to take it well,” he said.
Deva, who flies Union Flags in his front garden and from his car — lives with wife Durga, a 39-year-old nurse, and the couple’s daughters Shahani, ten, and Heshini, eight. Both girls want to join the RAF when they grow up. (ANI)


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