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Britain to release MI5 secret guidelines used to interrogate terror suspects
( Mar 19 2009 )

London, Mar 19 (ANI): British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that his government will publicly disclose for the first time guidelines MI5 uses when interrogating suspects.


Brown, in a written statement to the House of Commons, said the step is being taken to “protect the reputation of our security and intelligence services” and to demonstrate that Britain does not torture suspects.


“Torture has no place in a modern democratic society. We will not condone it. Nor, will we ever ask others to do it on our behalf,” he said.


Brown also announced that Peter Gibson, a former senior judge and intelligence services commissioner, would monitor whether the guidelines are being followed and report annually to the Prime Minister.


A promise to publish the rules, expected in May, follows claims by terror suspect Binyam Mohamed that Britain’s Security Service was complicit in his torture while in American detention.


The allegation by Mohamed, who was released from Guantánamo Bay detention camp last month, is being investigated by the Attorney-General, The Times reports.


In a co-ordinated move, the Intelligence and Security Committee confirmed that it had re-opened an investigation into Britain’s involvement in the US rendition programme.


The committee of MPs and peers, which is wholly appointed by Downing Street, concluded that there was “no evidence that the UK agencies were complicit in any extraordinary rendition operations” in July 2007.


But Dr Kim Howells, the committee’s chairman, said it had re-opened the inquiry following an admission by Jonathan Evans, the MI5 Director-General, that new information relating to the Mohamed case had come to light.


“As a result we have taken further, in-depth evidence from the intelligence and security agencies, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,” he said. (ANI)

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