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Observer News Service Ottawa Deepak Obhrai, M.P. for Calgary East and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has expressed solidarity with the Australians who have been facing large scale devastation during to raging bushfires. Making a statement in the House of Commons on the devastating bushfires raging in Australia, he said, "Canadians are deeply saddened to learn of the many casualties resulting from the bushfires raging in Australia". He observed, "the stories and images of lost lives, bereaved families and physical destruction of communities are truly horrific and heartbreaking". Expressing his solidarity and that of the Canadian government with the people of Australia, Obhrai said, "on behalf of the Government of Canada, I convey to the people of Australia, but particularly to those who have lost loved ones in the devastation, our heartfelt condolences". "Canadians feel a particular solidarity with Australians at this time given our own direct experience with forest fires and the destruction they cause", he said, while adding, "during this period of difficulty, I would also like to express our admiration for the firefighters and emergency services who are bravely putting their lives at risk to save others."
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