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By Amit Gossai Toronto During the holidays, Canadian-South Asians Supporting Independent Living (C-SASIL) came together and provided four boxes of winter clothes to individuals with disabilities. The non-profit organization, which is run mostly by people with disabilities, provided clothing to individuals who have very low or no income at all and who are living alone in shelters and institutions without any family support. ?This was the first time we did this,? said C-SASIL president Harvinder Bajwa. ?We wanted to try it out and see how the companies responded.? Bajwa said they sent letters to many different corporations. ?Sears head office provided most of the clothing,? she said. ?Wal-mart provided a bit of help as well.? C-SASIL, along with Brampton City Councillor Sandra Hames, donated all the clothing to the Salvation Army Shelter in Brampton. Bajwa said the shelter was really pleased with the outcome. ?C-SASIL made this effort to prove that disabled people are not ignored or alone in this world,? she said. ?We will definitely be doing this again next year.? For the past nine years, C-SASIL has been providing many different services to people with disabilities.
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