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Alberta mother in shock after 'nightmare' crash kills three children
( Mar 06 2009 )

Calgary: A mother whose three children died this week in an Alberta car crash that killed five people says she keeps hoping she'll wake up to find the accident never took place. Sara Klassen, 23, lost the children - who were all younger than six - in a wreck on Sunday outside Medicine Hat,Alta.


"I feel like it's a nightmare, that I'll wake up and it won't be true," Ms. Klassen said. Also seriously injured in the crash were her husband of six years, Klaus Klassen, 25, from whom she'd recently separated, and Mr. Klaus's father, Peter Klassen.


Helena Klassen, grandmother to the children, also died in the crash. The crash happened between Medicine Hat and Bow Island, Alta., when the Klassens' van slid sideways into oncoming traffic and hit a sedan.


A Saskatoon woman in the car was killed, and her husband was injured in the crash. Her identity has not been released. Medicine Hat is about 290 kilometres southeast of Calgary.


When asked how she was doing on Tuesday, Sara Klassen said, "not too good," adding she's still in shock. Ms. Klassen, who was born in Mexico and moved when she was young to Bassano, Alta., about 140 kilometres east of Calgary, lovingly described her three dead children.


Five-year-old Johny Peters Klassen was a "wonderful kid. Always up, down and around - couldn't stand still," she said. Tony Peter Klassen would have turned two in April and loved her hugs and kisses, she said. "He was the cutest little guy I've seen," Ms. Klassen said.


She said three-year-old Netha Klassen was "very shy, gorgeous." Most recently, the youngsters were living in Grimshaw, in northern Alberta. Klassen's Mennonite community has rallied around her.


"I'm getting a lot of help," she said. RCMP are still investigating the cause of the crash.

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