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Indo-Canadian Man May Face Jail Time For Assault
( Mar 06 2009 )

Calgary: An activist judge is looking at sending an Indo-Canadian man to jail despite the fact that the man pleaded guilty to an assault and the defence lawyer agreed to a fine and probation. But Alberta provincial court Judge Marlene Graham says fine is not good enough for 27-year-old Amandeep Singh Brar, who clubbed Peter Aitchison, 50, in a violent road rage incident.


"He took a baseball bat, grabbed the victim out of his vehicle and started striking him," said Graham "It is highly violent. I don't even think (the maximum) $2,000 fine is adequate." Brar pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and Crown prosecutor Robert Bassett and defence lawyer Steve Virk had presented a joint submission, recommending probation and a fine.


The court heard that Brar assaulted Aitchison after the victim's truck cut him off while they were driving near a playground in Calgary. But Aitchison disputed this theory, saying he did not cut Brar off. Aitchison was allegedly struck at least five times on the head and left arm, missed 29 days of work, and still suffers constant pain in his arm. He is seeking compensation to the tune of $23,000 in restitution for lost wages and other expenses. But Brar’s lawyer argued against it, saying it should be dealt with civilly.

"I think incarceration is necessary . . . for this type of offence," the judge said concluded. She has adjourned the case until Monday to set a sentencing date.


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