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Calgary's gang war death toll jumps
( Feb 26 2009 )

Observer News Service


Twenty people have been killed so far in the Calgary gang war since 2002. Earlier the toll was put at 15. But with latest revelations the authorities have put the toll at twenty. The police are  concerned over the rise in the killings including the


Calgary has been hit by the gang war between Fresh Off the Boat gang and its breakaway faction FOB Killers. The latest clash was witnessed on the new year’s view with three deaths including the one of a bystander.


The police is believed to have gathered evidence linking five more gang-related homicides in 2008 to the war. Among other incidents, the investigators now also consider the double shooting of Kevin Ses and Tina Kong, along with the killings of Kevin Anaya, Tuc Khanh (Tony) Tran and Gurjinder Singh Dhillon, as part of the gang war.


While the officials are tightlipped over the particular reasons for linking those cases to the feud, but they have been acknowledging that these are among the eight 2008 homicides which they re-classified as gang-related at the end of the year.


Police now consider any killing that is a consequence of gang activity - whether the victim is a gang member or not - as gang-related. The change was made to conform with the definition used by Statistics Canada. This includes an innocent bystander, the girlfriend, the family member, the person driving down the street.


The conclusions have been drawn following the New Year's Day shootings, when gunmen killed a bystander, 43-year-old Keni Su'a, outside a southeast Calgary restaurant. They also shot FOB Killers member Sanjeev Mann, 22, and Aaron Bendle, who was dining with him. Bendle, 22, in fact was not a gang member, but police said his death illustrates how simply being close to a gang member can get someone killed.


Police said that's what happened to Tina Kong, who was shot dead as she sat with friends at a restaurant in Marlborough on Oct. 29, 2008. The 21-year-old nursing student was with a group that included Kevin Ses, also killed in the attack. Ses, 21, was facing drug charges, and sources said he knew FOB Killers member Mark Kim, who was killed in 2007 - an association that likely made him a target.


A friendship with a slain FOB Killers figure may have also been behind the killing of Tuc Khanh (Tony) Tran, who was shot last July while sitting in a car parked on a Chinatown street July 26. Tran, 36, was a former gang member who received an eight-year manslaughter sentence for the 1995 shooting death of Ryan Davids. During Tran's trial, his friend Vinh Le testified in his defence. Le was an FOB Killers associate who was shot outside a downtown after-hours club in December 2002.

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