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By Amit Gossai


Tim Uppal joined hundreds of protesters at the Alberta legislature last Saturday in a rally against the coalition between the Liberals, NDP’s and Bloc Quebecois.

More than 500 Canadians gathered at the rally with the Edmonton-Sherwood Park MP, including parliamentary secretary to the minister of national defence, Laurie Hawn.

"I applaud the hundreds of people who came out on this cold day to defend democracy in Canada," Uppal said. "The voters must be respected and listened to.

"No one voted for a coalition government."

Uppal joined Greg Douglas, a man who started an online petition that has gained more than 300,000 signatures.

Uppal said he was motivated by the youths, who are voicing their opinions.

"I am inspired to see so many who are taking the value of democracy so seriously and are actively participating in voicing their concerns to myself and my colleagues," he said.

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