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Gurudwara listed for sale
( Mar 19 2009 )

Observer News Service


In a bizarre case, a local Gurudwara has been listed for sale as any other normal property. Inaugurated two years ago with much fanfare in Surrey.

The Gurdwara, named Dukh Niwaran Sahib situated on 152 street, was inaugurated by then Jathedar Akal Takhat Sahib Joginder Singh Vedanti in June 2007. A committee  was constituted  to run the day-to-day affairs and it was headed by then president Sarabjit Singh Bains.

In fact it was the handiwork of a developer named Anoop Singh Luddu, who developed a plaza with Gurdwara. He wanted to kill two birds with one bullet. With Gurudawara in Plaza means more money from the shops and he took Gurdwara as means of generating income in itself.

But things went wrong with economic down turn. His shops in plaza could not fetch enough buyers and Gurdwara was not generating income as he thought. Some eye brows were raised when developer, allowed to open a meat and barber shop in plaza where Gurdwara id situated.

Developer Luddu said about the sale of gurdwara that he is unable to carry on the installments of Gurdwara and wishes that some sabha or society  could come forward and took control of Gurdwara by paying 'total costs' . He is not disclosing asking price for the sale.

He further said that the Gurdwara is not able to generate enough funds to return the installments and that is why he is selling it.

He also said that he also got an offer during the construction of Gurdwara and Plaza.

However, some people are up in arms against the developer for making money out of faith of common people. Local Punjabi radio programs are agog with angry callers going on air to express their resentment.


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