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Indo-Canadian film on gang gets rave reviews
( Mar 19 2009 )

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Indo-Canadian filmmaker Mani Amar’s film on gangs and drugs has been getting rave reviews in media. In his new movie -“A Warrior's Religion” he is blunt and straight and doesn't sugarcoat anything.


"Straight up, no bullshit, I just want to save lives," Amar said of his film. "I want at-risk youth and parents to see it and get something out of it."


Amar spent three years delving into a decade of Indo-Canadian gang violence in the Lower Mainland and depicts the effect gang activity has on individuals and the community as a whole.


And while the film just focuses on the Indo-Canadian community, Amar said it is relevant to the region's current gang scene, which has evolved beyond ethnic boundaries.



"Ninety per cent of youth either go to jail or get killed when the get involved in gangs," Amar said. "But it's an uphill battle to show the destruction of a gang lifestyle because mainstream media has glorified money and power."


Amar's film opened to rave reviews during a private screening for politicians and advocates two weeks ago.

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