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By Ravinder Singh Robin


Amritsar, March 18 (ANI): At a time when all political parties are announcing their lists of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the recently formed party of popular satirist and comedian Jaspal Bhatti has also announced its candidate.


Jaspal Bhatti has announced “Ghulle Shah” (comedian) alias Surinder Farishta, as the candidate of his Recession Party for Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.


In a comical function that was held at Nehru Complex in Amritsar, Ghulle Shah addressed a small group of people.


Jaspal Bhatti, on Monday, announced that he would contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections representing his newly formed Recession Party and aim to become the Prime Minister.


Ghulle Shah addressed the passers by and started his election campaign by meeting people around.


Shah, on this occasion, opted to make a speech full of jokes and said, “All those who support me would get equal share in the prosperity of their party and if he loses the elections, he would distribute the money collected during the campaign as no funds would be spent.”


“The election manifesto would be released soon but the election symbol would also be announced at a later date in view of the piracy rampant in the country!,” Shah added.



Shah was greeted by shopkeepers at the local market and people  appreciated the satirical presentation of the Bhatti’s party. (ANI)



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