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Taliban chief backs Afghan peace talks
( Mar 15 2009 )

Kabul, Mar.15 (ANI): Taliban leader Mullah Omar has given his approval for talks aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan and has allowed his representatives to attend Saudi-sponsored peace negotiations.

“Mullah Omar has given the green light to talks,” said one of the mediators, Abdullah Anas, a former friend of Osama Bin Laden who used to fight in Afghanistan but now lives in London.

The breakthrough emerged after President Barack Obama admitted that US-led forces are not winning the war in Afghanistan and called for negotiations with “moderate Taliban”.

A Sunday Times poll published today found that 64 percent of respondents favour talking to the Taliban to achieve a deal.

Some 69 percent said the aim of stabilising Afghanistan was not sufficiently worthwhile to risk the lives of British troops and 64 percent thought the war could never be won.

 “Economic development and a workable reconciliation strategy are as crucial as boots on the ground when it comes to dismantling the insurgency,” said British Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

Although we have demonized the Taliban for years, it was Mullah Omer that said: "All problems can be solved at the negotiating table" before our invasion. They are not fools or demons if we just take time and talk and stop delivering ultimatums.” (ANI)


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