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Nawaz says PML-N will help Gilani get PM?s powers
( Mar 18 2009 )

Lahore, Mar. 18 (ANI): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif has said that his party will work closely with Yousuf Raza Gilani to restore the powers of the prime minister.

“We have a parliamentary democracy in Pakistan and in a parliamentary democracy the prime minister runs the show. Musharraf changed the entire system. He took away all the powers of the PM and (gave them to) the president. We would like that to be changed now,” the Daily Times quoted Sharif, as saying.

Sharif said he had invited Gilani to work together to implement the Charter of Democracy.

“I think if (we are) able to do this together, we will be able to strengthen the office of prime minister and parliament,” he said.

Sharif blamed President Asif Zardari for the crisis regarding the restoration of sacked judges, while adding, “The PM has been neutral on this issue.”

“The PM has also said imposition of Governor’s Rule was also bad and if he had the powers he would have looked at that. That was a reassuring statement and I have a lot of regard for him. He spoke to the president and he was able to announce the reinstatement of judges, which is a welcome step,” he said.

The former Prime Minister said that his party had helped the PPP to form a government in  Centre, but the PPP had not respected the common agenda.

“We would [have been] justified with a [demand for a] mid-term election, we haven’t done so, we still want to give time to the government,” Nawaz said. “People ask me whether (I) will demand mid-term elections, I say no, we want the government to complete its five-year term,” Sharif said. (ANI)

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