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Naga consultative meet calls for an end to factional killings
( Mar 19 2009 )

By Vibou Ganguly
Kohima, March 18 (ANI): Following growing concern of the various sections of society over incidents of factional clashes in the State, a first of its kind Naga Consultative meet was recently held in Nagaland.

The event themed "One Dream, One Future" reflected the fact that people are deeply disturbed by disturbances in the State.

The three-day consultative meet witnessed intensive and detailed discussions on various topics. Besides, it also addressed the suffering of the Naga people and resolved to work towards all-round development in the region.

Participants during the meet focused on finding the best approach to bring an end to violence and ensure peace in the State.

They had come together on a common platform represented by every tribe, civil society and church to take the Naga peace process forward.

Nephieu Rio, the Chief Minister of Nagaland, thanked all for coming together to attend the important meet and contributing towards bringing about a better understanding and unity among people besides ensuring a lasting peace.

“Let us come together and work together. Let us bring an end to all the sufferings and the hardships," said Rev. Louliehu Yimsung, Global Indigenous Prayer Network, Australia.

The main stress of the meet, however, was on oneness and understanding.

Representatives of various factions of the Naga underground groups also participated in the event which hoped to end faction fights and fratricidal killings in the state. (ANI)

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