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Afghan president Karzai calls for polls in April
( 01-Mar-2009 )

Kabul, Mar.1 (ANI): Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has called for elections to be held by April 21, a move in keeping with his country''s constitution. Karzai''s presidential term is due to end on May 21, creating the potential for a constitutional crisis if polls are held much ....
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Abduction of DCO puts question mark over peace deal
( 23-Feb-2009 )

Swat, Feb.22 (ANI): Days after the Geo News journalist Musa Khan Khel was murdered, another incident of abduction of the the newly appointed District Co-ordination Officer (DCO) of Swat, Khushhal Khan, along with his six body guards in the valley on Sunday has put a big question mark over the &lsquo ....
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Baghdad''s notorious Abu Ghraib prison reopens as ?luxury prison?
( 22-Feb-2009 )

Baghdad, Feb. 22 (ANI): The infamous Abu Ghraib prison, which is largely known for the horrible and inhuman methods of torture for its inmates, has been transformed into Iraq''s version of Club Fed. The prison reopened on Saturday after getting a new name and a million dollar makeover that ....
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Nanny becomes mother to Jewish boy orphaned during Mumbai massacre
( 21-Feb-2009 )

Afula (Israel), Feb. 21 (ANI): A Jewish baby-boy, who was orphaned during the terror attack at Mumbai’s Nariman House, is being mothered by his Indian nanny. The nanny had snatched him to safety under the noses of the gunmen.   On November 26, Moshe Holtzberg’s parents were gu ....
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NATO supplies to Afghanistan via Tajikistan ?Uzbekistan route: Harnitchek
( 21-Feb-2009 )

Dushanbe, Feb 21 (ANI):  The United States would be sending supplies to its troops stationed in Afghanistan through a new route via Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, a top US military leader has informed. Rear Admiral Mark Harnitchek said Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have agreed to allow transit of non- ....
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NATO members focus on Afghanistan war
( 20-Feb-2009 )

Krakow, Feb. 19 (ANI): A ....
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Kyrgyz parliament approves US base closure
( 20-Feb-2009 )

Bishkek, Feb. 19 (ANI): Kyrgyzstan''s parliament voted today to close a key U.S. air base in the country a move that could hamper US President Barack Obama''s efforts to increase the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Deputies voted 78-1 for the government-backed bill to cancel t ....
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NATO revisits Afghan strategy as US troops ready to deploy
( 19-Feb-2009 )

KRAKOW, Poland — NATO defence ministers gather in Poland Thursday to reassess strategy on Afghanistan, as the United States prepares to deploy 17,000 more troops to fight Taliban-led insurgents. The insurgents, including Al-Qaeda and drug runners with rear bases in Pakistan, pose a massive ch ....
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