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Monthly predictions-April 2009
( Mar 16 2009 )
Aries Ganesha foresees that you will pay special attention to your inner self and will be preoccupied with your thoughts and musings. This may lead you to take some pressing decisions. Some minor health concerns may arise. Ganesha advises you to appreciate all the blessings and fortunes bestowed upon you this month. Taking some calculated or planned risks may give you pleasantly surprising results, forecasts Ganesha. You will keep in touch with your relatives which will bring you happiness. You will also spend a lot of time interacting with people and forge new friendships. This month offers you a boost in your self-confidence. An opportune time for business and investment. Those who are writers, publishers and artists will possibly find a steady progress in their line of work. Taurus You will don the thinking hat this month, predicts Ganesha. Hence, your intelligence quotient will expand its horizons. This change in your mental furniture will lead you to function in a quiet manner. This will be a relatively low phase, but not necessarily a bad time ? ups and downs are what keep us going, Ganesha says philosophically. Travelling may demand a great deal of your physical energies and you may also seek spiritual strength to cope with this pressure. Ganesha foresees that you will feel an urge to participate in some welfare activities, but without being too conspicuous. This month, you may realise the need to improve all your relationships. In fact, you may even make some deliberate efforts to have a peaceful time with your rivals. Gemini Unlike your usual indecisive self, Ganesha sees a different you this month ? stabilised and very oriented. Taking this as the lead, a noticeable change is expected in your attitude as well as in your view points. Remember that if you are flexible and positive in your approach, you will receive happiness in return. Be wary of giving free rein to your eccentric nature. This is an excellent time for strengthening your relationships on all fronts. You may indulge extravagantly in social activities and also feel the urge to share things at all levels for a harmonious existence. Your heightened self-esteem may aid you to function in a masterful way. Your magnanimous and innovative personality are a clear indication of your leadership quality. Cancer Ganesha says that this month, you will seek to up-grade your working style and desire more in terms of technical know-how and innovative methods to promote your tasks. This will convert into dividends as your hard work will be paid off this month. Apart from receiving benefits and profits, your efforts will also be appreciated by colleagues and seniors. Ganesha says this is a time for acceptance, recognition, building upon your prestige and being in a happy state of mind. Wisdom, knowledge, spiritual quest and a journey ? all seem to be there on your cards in April. This is also a good time to nourish ties with family and friends and get pampered by their love and support. Leo Ganesha predicts that you will feel a tad sluggish this month. The passion to walk that extra mile will be missing. But worry not, for you will find solace in the company of friends and colleagues, who will motivate you to get back on track. Bonding with family will fill you with positive energy and help you combat negative emotions. Exercise a level of consistency and determination in order to scale new heights in your chosen profession. Ganesha advises you to count on friends who will help you hammer out ideas and even execute them. Lastly, the awakening of spiritual and intellectual harmony in your subconscious will ensure that you excel others in your field. Virgo A significant change will take place in both your material and spiritual spheres, says Ganesha. Financially, this is an opportune time for raising funds and handling investments. However, energy levels may slump due to stress and excess workload. Be stingy while expending your physical and financial resources or it may leave you drained in both the areas. Any kind of carelessness should be avoided, says Ganesha. On the financial front, you are in a comfort zone this month. You may also change your home or office, take a transfer, or migrate to another country. Ganesha forecasts that you may dwell upon metaphysical thoughts like life after death and so on, which may put you in a philosophical mood. Libra This will be a busy yet good month for you. Ganesha forecasts that projects which you are currently handling may attain success and new ventures may also prove productive. Along with this, you will bask in the glory of strong spiritual currents that will light up your life. On both the personal and professional fronts, you will let things fall into their natural order to attain peace of mind. A travel plan is also in store for you and most likely, you will head for a foreign country. Your work will progress without any obstacles and you will find contentment in your line of action. And, this comfort may easily reverberate in your financial front too. Scorpio Ganesha says that this month, you will hanker for harmony in your relationships with others and go to great lengths to avoid conflicts. The challenges which you might have faced in financial matters has humbled you, making you willing to compromise on all fronts. You may suffer a period of angst due to some of your undertakings, though your fears are unfounded. Realisation will dawn on you that a pliant attitude is inevitable if you wish to attain your goals. Your organising skills and capability will surely produce remarkable results. There is no doubt about your desire to help others ? this quality of yours will be more evident this month. Accepting a less important role, as long as it gives you peace, will not be an issue for you. Sagittarius Ganesha foretells that you will be a reservoir of creativity this month. Coupled with this, your enthusiasm to shoulder more responsibilities will ensure befitting returns. Ganesha knows you have smart communication skills and predicts that this quality will come handy in your professional and personal relationships. You may also seek a meaningful existence beyond the limits of superficial worldly gains. Married Sagittarians will have assured gains this month. A number of recreational activities like parties or a pleasure trip are also lined up for you. The right combination of good work and happy leisure hours is bound to boost your sagging spirit. Ultimately, you will derive happiness from the sheer fortune that you possess this month. Capricorn Your growth graph shows an upward trend this month. The comfort and contentment which you may be experiencing in your home could be the reason for this happy change in the order of things. Your whole idea of profit may change for the better. At this point in time, you will put in your best efforts and leave the rest to destiny. Indeed, this attitude has been developing in your subconscious for quite some time. Your communication skills and confidence level will improve because of your enhanced emotional and intelligent quotients. This is also a time for you to bond with family and friends and share your joys. Overall, Ganesha says that you will have fantastic month ahead. Aquarius This is going to be a month of contracts and contacts, predicts Ganesha. You will adopt all possible means to reach out to people. This will be evident both in your verbal and non-verbal styles of communication. A short journey or trip is also expected. Ganesha says that this month, you will be less dogmatic while dealing with others and this is a good sign ?? in fact, this will go a long way in further improving your interpersonal skills. Relationships you forge now will last longer. This overall progress in communicating will also contribute to your interaction with family members. This trait will also replicate itself in your professional communication. You will even handle financial matters with the same efficiency. Pisces Pisceans are true peace lovers. They avoid conflicts like the plague and prefer to live in harmony. This adorable quality usually creates an impression that Pisceans are very submissive. However, this month, you will display an amazing ability to resolve problems. You will be very optimistic about bonds and tie-ups, which will come as a relief to you. This is a good time to make financial moves like making investment, raising capital, etc. A practical and tactful approach towards your personal and professional relationships will put a smile on your face. All these benefits, coming from a better understanding of yourself, will make you carry out your tasks in an admirable way. In nutshell, a very favourable month for you.
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