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April 2009 weekly predictions
( Mar 16 2009 )

Aries 23th March to 29th March : You are active at all fronts, be it at home or work front. You'll remain self-centered through out the week. Your home, your family, your money, even your partnerships and legal matters rank highly on your agenda. Surprisingly, your self-centered approach, will be free of ego and selfishness. 30th March to 05th April : After all that brain racking, you finally get your priorities right. You suddenly realize that people and relationships are at the forefront of your life. Even outings, entertainment, dance and merry-making form an integral part of your agenda. You even visualize, formulate and put into practice new procedures that will eventually bring in good results. The social scene with all its consequences keeps you involved all throughout. 06th April to 12th April : After last week's break, you'll be back to your routine. Work and more work is predicted this week. Ganesha foresees you carrying the laptop home and sitting through late nights in an attempt to finish off with work. More clout, more mileage and more financial gains are on the cards. You may fail in your efforts to make quick bucks, even if you have loads of opportunities coming your way. 13th April to 19th April : There is revival in your confidence level. Money and financial matters appear really good, both in the long and short term. For the first time, you give into temptation to shop, travel, and even go on business trips that you may had to put off earlier due to other responsibilities. Avoid being finicky or rigid in your behavior, as your inflexible nature will affect your gains during the first quarter of this year. Taurus 23th March to 29th March : Home and hearth, keeps you occupied all throughout. A week exclusively devoted to domestic chores. Repairs/renovations seem to be on the cards. Even acquisition of a new property, godown, shop, piece of real estate, seems highly probable. Unforeseen expenses, unplanned demands, children, dependents and even older relatives may give you nervous moments. However, you will get unconditional support from friends. 30th March to 05th April : Personal ties as well as professional partnerships will demand time and attention. Rapid changes at the work front are also foreseen. But, there is nothing much to worry about, as things will settle within a matter of time. Love too, can be stormy and uncertain. All this does not demotivate, instead stimulates you to make some inspiring moves. A busy week ahead is predicted. 06th April to 12th April : Finally, you will be successful in striking a balance between home and work front. Few changes at the home front are predicted, but it will have its share of difficulties too. However, you appear to be clear on your life goals. Now you know which way to go, how to balance work and home, pleasure and commitment. You learn to give and take, share and care, in all sorts of relationships. You may even learn to surmount all sorts of hostility/criticism at work, that may raise its ugly head, time and again. 13th April to 19th April : All activities and concerns will be replete with energy and vigor. All sorts of financial restructuring brings about positive implications. Partnerships will be enduring, and will have positive influence not only in your professional life, but in every other aspect as well. Your family life also seems to be peaceful, calm and composed. However, the work front seems to be the most energizing, as fresh collaborations and joint-ventures are also on the anvil. Gemini 23th March to 29th March : You bring forth your charismatic and inspiring persona. You have the tendency to dominate all sorts of gatherings. You have been concentrating a lot on your performance and even Ganesha doesn't seem to let you down. You believe in yourself, and this confidence helps you in influencing and swaying people on your side. Prestige, recognition, rewards and position, follow both in your professional and personal life. 30th March to 05th April : You have firm faith in yourself. You believe that you can't make a wrong move. You keep looking for fresh ideas, solutions and shared projects that will yield good results. But things won't fall into your lap, automatically, says Ganesha. You may have to slog it out, to get the desired results. More work, will lead you to more money. Exciting prospects are also on the cards. Money deals will be interesting and exciting. 06th April to 12th April : You will have a hold over things. Simply put, you have the reins in your hands, but for that you have to make use of your charm, persuasion and most importantly your professional skills. Your skill-sets and dynamism will fetch positive rewards. Some quick gains are also expected. Charisma, leadership skills, hitting of targets - are possible in this quarter. You shoulder bigger responsibilities, willingly and gladly. 13th April to 19th April : A sense of accountability seems to capture you, at work, at home, in the extended and immediate family. You are all set to make a difference in all areas. There is a feeling of oneness with your spouse/mate/lover. This phase excites you. You realize your duties and commitments and actually enjoy fulfilling them. Quick changes in the work place doesn't de-motivate, but stimulates you. Thinking deeply about the work place helps you find solutions to problems that could otherwise lead to difficulties, snags etc. Cancer 23th March to 29th March : You will be dealing with issues both at the domestic and work front. There will be intensity, in both love and hate feelings you have. So, while you are talking to people, a range of emotions may arise within you, which could be thrilling, eruptive, disruptive, and even exasperating. You might even heat your blood not for any selfish reasons, but for the betterment of your loved ones and the family. However, Ganesha suggests you to maintain your cool and not lose your temper. 30th March to 05th April : A time to solve conflicts that might have existed within you. You even start dwelling on the fact that to lead a perfect life, one needs to be committed both at the professional and at the personal front. Don't forget your family or your personal health in the perceived need to earn more, says Ganesha. Career growth is crucial and you may even have to burn the midnight oil to meet targets, deadlines, financial demands, but do take out time to relax and recuperate. 06th April to 12th April : You aim for a global reach, and you embark sincerely and whole-heartedly in that direction. Three Cs of contacts, correspondence, communication plus the Ts of travel, ties, trips and even renewing old friendships, will not only lead you to new opportunities but also lead you to actual gains. This is the right time and right place. So be ready. 13th April to 19th April : A time for hope and confidence. The actual realization of long term dreams gives you a sense of greater fulfillment. In the short term, few projects and targets may get accomplished. In the long term both personal and professional fulfillment, is on the cards. Giving birth to children, creating a safe home for yourself, and making a mark professionally, are all part of this wish list. There is quiet a lot of confidence within you, sans any bragging and show. Leo 23th March to 29th March : A significant phase, which entails a sense of mission and a special satisfaction in work. Finances seems to hit a positive note, with Ganesha's blessings. Even power and prestige seems to be on your side. Your intelligence quotient helps you stand tall among the group dealing with service to mankind, to the environment and world. You are all set to realize hopes and dreams which you have been longing for quite some time. 30th March to 05th April : A busy week, predicts Ganesha. Business, partnerships, travel and so also religion seems to be on your mind, this weekend. Broadening the views of your mind and the horizons of your life is something that you keep aiming for, this week. Yes, you are all set to paint the picture of your life on a bigger canvas. Higher studies, learning, acquiring of new skill-sets, all figure in the scheme of things. 06th April to 12th April : A whole lot of activities keeps you busy, this week. For instance, day-to-day chores, the nitty-gritty details of domestic life, work aspects, and even global concerns and issues. The three Cs, communications, contacts, correspondence are the other major three thrust areas that you will like to focus upon this week. Right from one-to-one meetings, private correspondence, secret deals and papers to a website of your own. 13th April to 19th April : A slow phase is predicted, this week. A time to enjoy with the family, as well as with close friends, associates, parents/children. Your spouse is more than a mate for you who likes to walk along with you in all the trials and tribulations of your life. So you will really enjoy in the company of your spouse. However, don't fall prey to anxiety, worry and stress. Virgo 23th March to 29th March : An important phase for this year, starts now. Some major events are in the offing both in the material world as well as in the realm of emotions. An important time to raise finances, funds, dealings and investments. Your vitality quotient may take a beating, because of overwork, stress and over socializing. So be cautious, and don't over-extend yourself, says Ganesha, both physically and financially. 30th March to 05th April : A week of hectic activity. But you ain't complaining. Even work seems enjoyable and you seem to gain financially out of it. Both work and enjoyment is important for you. You even try to maintain a fine balance between the two motivating factors in life, I.e.,money and honey. Honey, which in other words means love, is the real sweetener of your life. Few may disagree, but Ganesha and we are all for this sweet human quality called love. 06th April to 12th April : A truly successful week. It endows you with joy, love, bliss in marriage, recreation, entertainment, fun, romance, friends, companionship's etc. You party and socialize to the hilt .You're prepared to take on all sorts of things, in professional, social and emotional life. You are truly on the roll as you are determined to enjoy your time this week. 13th April to 19th April : Decorating your home is on the cards, this week. So you will get things of utility and beauty for your home. So obviously, you'll have to shell out a lot, for all the new stuff that you buy. Consequently income generation also needs to be taken care of. Expenses will be high. However, by Ganesha's grace, you won't be lacking in resources to pay for them. On the contrary, you may find yourself spending a lot on luxuries, comforts, new gadgets, artifacts; all expenses that are oriented towards home. Libra 23th March to 29th March : Domestic matters will keep you on your toes. Home, family and property, all needs to be concentrated upon. This includes, renovation/extension/construction of building to family disputes. However, the most important gain of this week is that you dispel all sorts of confusion through intuition, helping you add more quality to your family life. This quality of yours helps you build insight and intelligence thereby helping you prevent disputes/disagreements. 30th March to 05th April : Heightened activity is on the cards, this week. All sorts of activities you undertake will be replete with energy and glamor, but the two most important events that you really want to focus upon this week is money and honey. Thus, both love and finances will be in the spotlight. Moreover, this week you'll move forward from your home and hearth mentality as you start focusing on the glow and glamor of both money and honey. 06th April to 12th April : You may be sorely tempted, but you back out from taking any decisive actions, as you let matters take their own course. It's pay-off time for you, as your concentrated efforts, will help you reap rich dividends. Moreover, easy flow of money is also predicted by Ganesha, relieving you from all sorts of stress and strain, thereby giving you ample time for fun and relaxation. Worries and burdens doesn't seem to bother you much, but one cannot completely deny their existence in your life. 13th April to 19th April : Ganesha predicts a good phase. Glitz and glamor is back in your life-be it in clothes, jewelery or accessories. A good amount of socializing and entertainment is also on the cards. Money is not much of an issue, this week. It may come through buying and selling, through contracts and commissions and even dealerships. You even concentrate on your family life, creativity and productivity at work. Scorpio 23th March to 29th March : Changes in the home and work space is on the cards. But you need to build loads of patience and understanding in order to deal with change. Family, children, dependents should also be kept in the loop, so that they could share your concerns and constraints, with regards to change. It's good to involve them genuinely, says Ganesha. All this leads to inner satisfaction. Ganesha even advises you to take adequate rest, because if you are tired and worn-out, the end result can be in the negative. 30th March to 05th April : You are all set to make the right move, this week. You keep hoping that days and nights extend, i.e., they go beyond the stipulated 24 hour time frame, which may help you in getting many things done. You've got so many things on hand to do, like the legal matters, trusts, ancestral property, partnerships, ties and collaborations. On the top of it, you have heavy expenses to deal with. But, you are not a coward and you handle all the pressures quite easily. You don't mind burning the midnight oil to meet the deadlines. 06th April to 12th April : You will get into some serious thinking, this week. Also concern for family and household needs keep arising. The necessity for reorganization in your life, has also been lingering on your mind for sometime now. Chances of confidential, private, closed door meetings are also on the cards. Change or relocation in your office or home may also take place. 13th April to 19th April : You'll break free from all sorts of worries, trials and tribulations that comes your way with this new moon. All sorts of troubles that you were surrounded with, seems to be finally lessening, leading to the easing of tensions between you and your family. You'll will get engaged in socializing and entertainment to a great extent this week. Blossoming of far-flung contacts, especially with friends not only brings pleasure and excitement, but also helps in fulfilling your ambitions. Sagittarius 23th March to 29th March : You realize that people are the source of your joy and sustenance. Consequently all sorts of ties, bonds and relationships figure prominently, in your scheme of things. Self-contentment doesn't satisfy you. You aspire to do more, and get more out of things. You love to be in the company of your friends and companions and even your colleagues/co-workers for some warmth and sharing. It is definitely that time of the year, when people matter to you the most. 30th March to 05th April : You are all set to explore new frontiers in the field of education. You may opt for research, higher studies, new languages for the computer et al. You play a prominent role in the advancement of human learning, which will be replete with vision, originality and thought. Growth prospects seem to be on the cards. You are at ease with yourself, so it becomes easier for you to relate with people. You also realize, that simple hard work won't fetch you the desired results, but communication combined with hard work will do the trick. 06th April to 12th April : You will make significant progress in your field, aided by good networking skills and with the backing of some inspiring and committed people. However, you may indulge in extravagant spendings this year. Socializing, partying and entertaining activities, may keep adding to your expenditure. But since it's too late now, you may find it difficult to curtail them. So what you can only do is, tackle them head on - professionally, socially and emotionally too. Overall a fine week, says Ganesha. 13th April to 19th April : You appear dedicated in both your work and family front. There is a high-probability of you mistreating people, given your high stress levels. So, Ganesha suggests you, to keep from spreading bad and negative vibes. Learn to be detached from surroundings, when there is work to be done. Moreover, you should focus on calming heated feelings around you. Therein lies your actual success. Moreover, you look to be an absolute believer of work-work concept. Capricorn 23th March to 29th March : As human beings, we grow. But what should be of concern is the direction you are trying to grow in and the true knowledge about ourselves. Having said this, Ganesha dissuades you from pursuing any travel plans and even suggests you to keep off from taking any right decisions on some vital issues. Nonetheless, it is a good time to work out some elaborate plans on long term goals. A significant growth has also be noticed over the past two weeks and the pace is maintained even now. 30th March to 05th April : A period of great happiness, than the previous quarter, both in the career path and at the financial front. But, you are still discontented with your performance and wish to optimize on it. You are also keen on locating fresh, new pastures. So, this can be both inspiring and challenging period. Travel plans are also on the cards. It can be both for business and pleasure, or both and it will be really enjoyable, says Ganesha. 06th April to 12th April : Fresh inspiration may come your way. You even like to interact with people, who share similar values. This strengthens your nature, and even the sensitivity and sensitiveness that you have. Moreover, it may help you in following your life mission, irrespective of the snags and difficulties that life throws at you. Many good things come to you, but the most precious will be faith in yourself and hope for the future. 13th April to 19th April : Your work sphere seems to be full of energy and vigor. You take a more positive approach towards work, when you feel that your chosen goal is close at hand. Your wishes for someone you love, also your family or children/parents come true, too. You make most of the every given opportunity. Difficulties don't discourage you. Instead you have this rare quality to look squarely into the eyes of difficulties and getting bigger than them. Aquarius 23th March to 29th March : You may find yourself engrossed in dealing with a range of demands that seem to cross your pathway. Some of these demands could be in the from of ties, trips/travels, pets, perks and promotions. Even your mind seems to be restless. Under this extreme situation, Ganesha advises you to give in a little that is to be open to the suggestions of the others. This is best way to melt hard opinions, and get the desired results, says Ganesha. 30th March to 05th April : Your optimistic attitude motivates you to see straight ahead. You even believe in building a solid foundation for future gains. With a certain amount of refocusing, you are likely to witness changes in both your vision and lifestyle. The good changes that you deal with includes, bonding with parents, family/children, going for higher studies for intellectual growth and even exploring of new collaborations. 06th April to 12th April : You believe in giving your entire self in whatever you do. But, the activities that demand your undivided attention are countless. Travel seems to be on your priority list, and so do catering of tourists and visitors. You are generous, friendly and outgoing while dealing with them. Those working in the domain of tourism, travel, hotel may do a good business; Ganesha foresees that their hands will be full. Also an important time of the year when you may feel like helping out the needy and distress. 13th April to 19th April : Responsibility and accountability are the two definite terms defining all your activities, this week. However, you don't intend to make your worries apparent, but deep down in your heart you are pretty concerned about a whole lot of commitments, especially in terms of family and household commitments. Even house and property aspects needs to be given due consideration. Your financial chart seems to show an upward climb. Loans and finances seem to be easily accessible. Pisces 23th March to 29th March : A quarter of gains, opines Ganesha. The gains will be in terms of joy/comfort/solace/affection; all of them. You love to spend some delightful moments with children, with people you enjoy and with your mate etc. The best thing being, you deserve all good things in life. Moreover it is a known fact that the more you give, the more you get, the more you do unselfishly, the more you live abundantly. You can be sure of this, says Ganesha. 30th March to 05th April : A time to live your life to the fullest. Love will be physical and passionate, while finances will be dealt on a wider scale. Loans/funds/deals/mergers/even partnerships will be on the beneficial side. However, all this calls for a lot of hard work. But, do make sure, all these activities just don't yield only loss and debts. Don't give in to Piscean rashness, when it comes to money and honey, says Ganesha. 06th April to 12th April : Ganesha appreciates your dedication, and may want to reward you for the same. Rewards follow, in the form of fine results as well as fine interactions. Laughter, relaxation and more recreation may be in store for you this quarter. A time for de-stressing, relief and lots more. Being a Piscean you may be quite imaginative in nature, helping you make most of this joyous phase. 13th April to 19th April : You maintain a fine balance between work, responsibilities, finances, duties on one hand and home, family, love and children on the other. You pour in equal amount of attention in all these spheres of life, and this leaves Ganesha wondering. How do you manage so much and that too with so much adroitness, questions Ganesha. Overall a wonderful time for you this week, which might even stretch on a for a longer duration by Ganesha's grace. However, be careful of money and love matters.

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