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London, Mar 13 (ANI):  King of pop Michael Jackson will be performing 50 shows at the London’s O2 arena, continuing his ‘last ever’ gigs well into 2010.  

The 50-year-old star has added new shows throughout the first two months of the year, ending February 24.


Around 360,000 pre-sale tickets have been sold out so far and if all 50 dates sell out, Jacko will have sold a million seats for his shows.


According to the show organisers, the Thriller hitmaker’s ‘This Is It’ tour has become the fastest selling in history, with 33 seats sold each minute.


Jackson is said to be "thrilled" by the response.


"Not only are these concerts unparalleled, these records will never be broken,” The BBC quoted Randy Phillips of promoters AEG Live as saying.


"We knew this was show business history, but this is a cultural phenomenon," he added.


The tickets for the Jackson shows are already being sold on the online auction website eBay. (ANI)



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