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Britney declines $3M autobiography deal for more money
( Mar 19 2009 )

Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): Britney Spears has reportedly turned down a lucrative autobiography deal worth three million dollars, as she wants more money for penning her story.


Sources have revealed that the ‘Womaniser’ singer asked publishing bosses to come to her California home to talk about a big money memoirs deal to share her life with fans.


They say that the 27-year-old singer turned down multi-million dollar offers from executives at publishing houses HarperCollins, Random House and Little Brown just because the money being offered to her was very less than what she had expected.


According to them, Britney is seeking a figure closer to 8 million dollars for a tell-all tome.


"She was hoping for much more money,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling Us Weekly. (ANI)


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