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Brave New World of my Granddaughter
( Nov 27 2015 )

My granddaughter Kiran is 15 months old; born in 2014 in Rome of a French mother and an Italian-French-English speaking Egyptian-American, she seems destined to be 'global child', with many languages, many places to call home, and many dream to dream. Hers is a brave new world. Visiting Ki...
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What Does One Remember in Nagasaki?
( Nov 20 2015 )

Seventy years ago, on August 8, 1945, the city of Nagasaki in Japan was hit by the second Atom bomb; the city, and the destruction it was engulfed in, has forever seared into our memory. What can I recall, and how must I remember as I stand here in Nagasaki for the first time in my life? As a Nucl...
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Courage To Face Barbarism
( Nov 13 2015 )

Today You are You, That is truer than true. There is no one alive Who is Youer than You.     Dr. Seuss It may strange but here in Beijing in China, where I am currently on a visit, I come across a book about the horror stories of women who were raped and violently assaulted by h...
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Power of Words
( Nov 06 2015 )

 "Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation."                        - Rumi With words, we gossip, chatter, inform, reprimand, explore, invoke, refute, ar...
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Can Scientists be Fanatics?
( Oct 30 2015 )

In 2007, Richard Dawkins (author of 'God Delusion') presented a two-part program on Channel 4 in U.K. entitled 'The Enemies of Reason'; for him all those who did not subscribe to reason, as enunciated by science, were pedalling dogma and superstition and were 'impoverishing' ...
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The Itch for Perfection & The Scars it leaves Behind
( Oct 23 2015 )

Justice Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd in Victorian England pleaded to "fill the seats of justice with good men, not so absolute in goodness as to forget what human frailty is."  When we have an itch for perfection, we tend not to make room for human frailties. Such frailties, however, ...
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Power of Trust & Anguish of Betrayal
( Oct 16 2015 )

Trust is the most primordial emotion amongst humans; we trust a person and that's how we can say he is our friend. Turning it around, we can say, a friend is someone we can trust. We place trust in the integrity of the members of our family, our teachers and doctors, our priests and our la...
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Thanksgiving on a New Banquet Table
( Oct 09 2015 )

A new banquet table is being crafted in our world of 7 billion people, now increasingly juxtaposed next to each other, both in space and in a thousand different encounters at every hour of day and night. How can we find a place of dignity, freedom and justice on this table for all of u...
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When Civilization lay buried in the Trenches
( Sep 25 2015 )

This year, 2015, is the continuing 100th anniversary of the First World War that raged on for four years, from 1914 until November 11, 1918.  Until the next world war that started two decades later, it was the most brutal and sordid war in the human history. In four years, more th...
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An Eye for an Eye Why Revenge is so Sweet to so Many?
( Sep 18 2015 )

In 1980, in district Bhagalpur, in the state of Bihar in India, the police systematically blinded thirty-one men in their custody waiting trial for various criminal activities, by poking needles into their eyes and pouring acid. Such atrocities perhaps would have gone unnoticed but for...
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The Lottery of Life
( Sep 11 2015 )

There are two kinds of games in life, and we unceasingly play them both, but not with the same degree of vigour. One game requires skill, discipline, intelligence and dedication. That is what a game of chess is. And the other is a game of pure chance and of sheer luck. That is the game...
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What Makes Your Blood Boil? Violence & Fanaticism
( Aug 28 2015 )

Is there something that makes you feel outraged? Angry? Indignant? Repulsed? Makes your blood boil? Last week when the Islamic State (ISIS) beheaded the 82-year old archeologist, Khaled Asaad, in Syria, charging him, in part, of being "a director of idolatry", I was outraged...
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The Making of New Multicultural Canada
( Aug 24 2015 )

Visible minorities in Canada now constitute almost half of Toronto, the largest city in the country. Who are the other half, one may ask. Are they white people? And who exactly is a white person these days, and how 'invisible' are the whites? In Canada, as in USA, for long years, Italians,...
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Challenges of Diversity in a World of 7 Billion
( Aug 14 2015 )

Our world of over 7 billion people, now increasingly juxtaposed next to each other, both in space and in a thousand different encounters with each other every hour of day and night, has to learn to face and celebrate the meaning of the immense human diversity, in all its myriad shades and underpinni...
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Rescuing Civilization from Barbarians
( Aug 07 2015 )

August 6 is the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the first Atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945; two days later the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The war in Europe had ended three months earlier in May 1945, but it still raged on in the Pacific against Japan. Even though all intelligence repo...
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Beyond Boundaries - Re-defining Cultural Diversity
( Jul 31 2015 )

Boundaries. Borders. Fences. Enclosures. Each word conjures up images of something stifling, or someone left out. A certain narrowing, a hint of otherness. Something stultifying. A distancing.  Yet beyond the boundaries the human spirit soars to touch, to embrace, to transcend, and to touch...
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How We Must Face God’s Judgement
( Jul 24 2015 )

Love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing," says Fyodor Dostoevsky in his celebrated novel, 'The Brothers Karamazov', "compared to love in dreams." Expressing love - and its thousand colours drenched in empathy, attention, courage, sacrifice - in a world of flesh and blood i...
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Why Doesn't God Go Away?
( Jul 17 2015 )

Lately there are two groups of people who seem quite at war with each other: one group is of atheists - spearheaded by biologist Richard Dawkins and physicist Steven Weinberg, and by many Humanists, Rationalists and alike - and the other of believers, who have been around, in one form or another, cl...
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Making of Canadian Dream
( Jul 03 2015 )

However weary and mistrustful of it, the American Dream as an idea and a myth has persisted and flourished since the United States Declaration of Independence, which claimed that "all men are created equal" and that they are "endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights&qu...
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Freedom from the ‘Words of God’ & Fanaticism
( Jun 19 2015 )

In every corner of the world, for millennia millions have sought freedom from others: from the tyrants and the dictators; from the ruthless and the oppressors; from the exploiters and the heedless. Women from men. The landless from the landlords. Slaves from their masters. The disfranchised from t...
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