South Asian Observer - Business News : An average fling costs adulterer ?8k!
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An average fling costs adulterer ?8k!
( Feb 24 2009 )

London, Feb 24 (ANI): Having an extra-martial affair is a bad idea on a number of levels – not only does it wrecks relationship with your ‘legal’ lover but also falls heavy on the pocket…..8,000 pounds to be more precise.


According to a new study, an average fling costs adulterers 8,000 pounds – that too not including a trip to the divorce courts.


Unfaithful partners spend an average of 1,960 pounds on secret weekends away, 1,013 pounds for romantic meals and trips to out of town pubs are another 916 pounds, a survey found, reports The Mirror.


Among the other costs are flowers, chocs, underwear and jewellery at 1,057 pounds, while nights out cost 943-pound a year.


And 10 per cent of cheats buy partners gifts out of guilt. Twenty per cent carry two phones to cover tracks. said: “Folk are cheating themselves getting into debt for a bit on the side.” (ANI

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