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( 13-Mar-2010 )

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Stock market still a good indicator of how the economy is faring, says expert
( 03-Mar-2009 )

Washington, March 3 (ANI): An American business expert at the University of Illinois thinks that it is not correct to put stock in suggestions that financial markets are a faulty barometer of the nation’s economic climate. Professor David Ikenberry admits that day-to-day ups and downs can be misl ....
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Rupee falls to 51.12 against dollar
( 28-Feb-2009 )

Mumbai, Feb 27 (ANI): The Indian Rupee on Friday depreciated to an all time low of 51.12 against the US currency.     The Pound sterling also finished higher at Rs. 72.49 at the close of Interbank Foreign Exchange market.   The rupee on Thursday only set a fresh low record of 50.46 on sudden ....
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An average fling costs adulterer ?8k!
( 24-Feb-2009 )

London, Feb 24 (ANI): Having an extra-martial affair is a bad idea on a number of levels – not only does it wrecks relationship with your ‘legal’ lover but also falls heavy on the pocket…..8,000 pounds to be more precise.   According to a new study, an average fling costs adulterers 8,000 ....
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