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An average fling costs adulterer ?8k!
( 24-Feb-2009 )

London, Feb 24 (ANI): Having an extra-martial affair is a bad idea on a number of levels – not only does it wrecks relationship with your ‘legal’ lover but also falls heavy on the pocket…..8,000 pounds to be more precise.   According to a new study, an average fling costs adulterers 8,000 ....
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Recession takes shine off Bihar?s silk industry
( 23-Feb-2009 )

Bhagalpur (Bihar), Feb 23 (ANI): The silk industry in Bihar is losing its luster and shine due to a global economic meltdown. The consequences of drying market are staring at many silk weavers looking for alternative sources of livelihood. Many factories in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district have now be ....
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